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Sport & recreation    


Because of the many advantages it offers - from endlesly interesting bottom to warm sea, diving definitly counts as one of the atractive motives of coming to Kvarner.

Dive into our sea!

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While hiking, mountain slimbing or simply walking, we derive the maximum pleasure from nature and its endless beauties. We can set our own pace. When something interests us on an excursion, we can stop wherever we like - at a clearing or beach, forest or belvedere, and remain as long as we like.
We invite you to become acquainted with the beauties of our hospitabile region on a bicycle.



From Forum, the central square in the city of Krk, we ride uphill toward the road to Punat. After 500 m, we arrive at a crossroads and turn right. After 5.2 km, we arrive at Sv. Donat, passing by a small Old Christian church, and continue straight up a somewhat steeper slope in the direction of Baska. At 6.8 km, we turn left in the direction of Silo-Vrbnik. At 9.7 km, we turn left from the main road to a side road and pass through fields and meadows, bordered by old stone walls. At 13.6 km, we turn right and at 15.8 km we are below the village of Garica and make a right turn. At the entrance to Garica, we turn left. After leaving the village, we continue straight in the direction of Krk. Just prior to the exit to the Omisalj-Krk Road, we turn left at 24.3 km in the direction of Kornic. We arrive at the village of Lakmartin (26.2 km), when we turn left at 26.4 km, and arrive in Muraj (27.2 km). In Muraj at 27.5 km, we tum left in the direction of Kornic, where we arrive at 28.3 km. From Kornic, we descend a steep slope to Sv. Donat (29.9 km) and return by the same road we travelled when we left Krk to our starting point (34.4 km).

location length
island of Krk 34,4 Km
departure higest point
Krk 0 m/n/m 190 m
goal accesibility
Krk 0 m/n/m Potpuna
alt. diferential time needed
190 m 2 h

  DIFFICULTY: Easy (green)



We depart on this interesting tour of Krk from Omisalj, in front of the church. We descend to the gasoline station on the highway and turn right in the direction of Krk. After 2.7 km, we turn from the main road onto a macadam road, by which we descend to 6.7 km, when we turn right and reach asphalt (9.0 km). We continue right to Cizici, where we turn left at 10.0 km. At 10.7 km, we turn left again in the direction of Klimno, Silo. At 11.6 km, we turn right and continue uphill to D. Hlapa, where we continue, straight (13.2 km) across G. Hlapa in the direction of Dobrinj. We pass through Sveti Vid Dobrinjski and descend briefly to the town of Dobrinj, where we have a beautiful view of the surroundings from the churchyard. We return by the same route to 18.4 km and torn right at Gostinjac, in the direction of Vrbnik and Risika, where we arrive after 21.8 km. In the center ( 22.1 km), we go uphill to the right and gradually enter Vrbnicko Polje, where at 25.1 km we turn left and descend to the town of Vrbnik. From Vrbnik, we climb the same route to Vrhnicko Polje, where we turn left at 30.0 km. After a climb, at 31.6 km we turn right and follow the road along a meadow. At 35.5 km, we turn right and at 37.6 km turn right again toward Garica. Upon leaving the village, at 40.0 km we turn right in the direction of Silo and arrive in the village of Kras (41.7 km). At 42.5 km, we turn right and at 42.9 km we turn left on a Macadam road, by which we descend until Sv. Ivan Dobrinski (45.0 km).

location length
Otok Krk 62,1 Km
departure higest point
Omišalj 100 m/n/m 260 m
goal accesibility
Omišalj 100 m/n/m Potpuna
alt. diferential time needed
260 m 4,30 h

  DIFFICULTY: Midium (blue)
At the entrance to the main road (45.9 km), we turn left in the direction of Malinska and arrive at the village of Rasopasno. In the village, we turn right at 47.6 km on a macadam road. At 49.0 km, we turn left and arrive at the village of Suzan (51.0 km). At the church, we turn left. Immediately after 30 m, we turn right on an old village road. We go down a steep slope toward a field and ride through it. We turn left at 53.2 km, right at 54.7 km, left at 54.9 km and left again at 56.1 km. At 57.6 km, we exit onto the Krk Highway across from the entrance to Njivice. We turn right in the direction of Omisalj, left after 2 km and climb uphill to Omisalj (62.1 km), from where we departed.  


is the modern version of cops and robbers game. Two teams are eqiped with markers that shoot balls of paint an they try to hit oposing team players and get them out of the game. Speed, tactics, cunningnes, precision and lots of adrenalin. That is paintball - the game of the 21. Century !

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